Blog topic #1

Reflect on your personal philosophy of education and the place technology in general, and new electronic-technologies-used-in-education in particular, fit into your philosophy.

Blog topic #2

Reflect on the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Todd Oppenheimer's The Flickering Mind, the NETS-S and //Tech Tonic//'s description of technology literacy. Try to pull together a posting that integrates the ideas in Oppenheimer, NETS-S and Tech Tonic. Oppenheimer is very critical of the way new technologies have been used in education. the NETS-S describes an optimal use of new technologies in the classroom, and Tech Tonic outlines an optimal technology literacy program. Can they all be reconciled? Should they be?

Blog topic #3

Reflect on the "Key Findings" section of the Generation M2: Media in the lives of 8- to 18-year-olds. Did the findings surprise you? How do you feel about the findings? Good thing? Bad thing? How do you think the findings will affect your teaching?

Blog topic #4

Note: This blog posting cannot be done until after you present your technology integrated unit.
Reflect on your unit plan and lesson using the TPCK model. Identify successes, areas to work on, and how the content and pedagogical domains interacted with the technological domain.