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Zig Engelmann Discusses Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction

Direct instruction is a structured and systematic, scripted lesson, and effective methodology
for teaching academic skills.

Elements of Instruction:
  • focus instruction on critical content
  • sequence skills logically
  • break down complex skills and strategies into smaller instructional units
  • design organized and focused lessons
  • begin lessons with a clear statement of the lesson’s goals and your expectations
  • review prior skills and knowledge before beginning instruction
  • provide step-by-step demonstrations
  • use clear and concise language
  • provide an adequate range of examples and non-examples
  • provide guided and supported practice
  • require frequent responses
  • monitor student performance closely
  • provide immediate affirmative and corrective feedback
  • deliver the lesson at a brisk pace
  • help students organize knowledge
  • provide distributed and cumulative practice

Direct instruction is a model for teachers to present effective instruction and ALL students to become
confident and capable learners.

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