General steps in media production

1. Preparation of content (developing a script and storyboard)
2. Production
3. Post-production editing
4. Distribution (uploading to the web)

Some additional guidelines for producing video

1. Assign roles.
2. Model the process of recording.
3. If possible, avoid dialog.
4. Masking tape on the floor can help actors find the right spot.
5. A green screen is helpful if doing special effects.
6. Always shoot more video than you think you will need.
7. Think about how you want to do post-production.
8. Use Google or Vimeo to share final work.

The presentation below uses Brainshark to add narration to a presentation (a Google Presentation in this case) and turn it into a shareable video. Although it focuses more on using wikis in a math classroom, in includes a section on video production tips.

A sample template for a media project storyboard (3 x 2)

A Chicago Public Schools media consent form

The DonorsChoose photo permission form (pdf file)