Skill and Drill

What is Skill and Drill?
During the school year students have to take a big variety of tests. Skill and drill is a quick activity with which a new skill is being practiced until it becomes automatic. This activity is short and it is usually timed. After the test is done the teacher grades it as soon as possible. The teacher observes the students’ progress and has conferences with the students regularly. The repetition of the skill and drill quiz is necessary until retention occurs.
In school a lots of teachers find a good use of this type of testing. Here are their arguments:
  • Practice makes it perfect.
  • Scientifically it is proven that learning a new skill creates a new pathway through the neurons in the brain.
  • Repetition of the skill will make that pathway smooth and the skill will becomes automatic.
The opponents of this type of testing go to extreme and called it Skill and Kill. Some of their arguments are:
  • The automaticity does not present opportunities to the students to make a connection between the skill and the real life.
  • It is simply memorizing without putting meaning behind that actual skill, so the students do not know when to actually use it.
  • If the students are not successful, they can loose the motivation to mastering that skill.
Use skill and drill in school.
Skill and drill can be used in every subject area. The following websites are some examples that you can use as ideas for that purpose.
Math- 1.

Reading-1. __

How to create a quiz on Excel:
The following website takes you step by step in the process of creating a quiz on Excel

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