"Teacher-centric" refers to learning settings where the teacher is the center or source of instruction. The "teacher" is the source of information and the learning content is delivered more or less already formed or constructed. Computers can also stand in for the "teacher", so "teacher-centric" instruction serves as on pole of the learning continuum. At the other pole is "student-centric" instruction, where students play an active role in posing problems, seeking solutions, and constructing knowledge. "Direct instruction" as a teaching strategy falls on the teacher-centric side of the continuum; "inquiry-based learning" and similar strategies fall on the "student-centric" pole.

Examples of teacher-centric tools:

BrainPop Jr.
Spy Guys (6th Grade Math)
Cause and Effect Game
SkillsTutor (User id: teststudent / PW: test / Site id: dta02)
Antonym matching
Math flashcards
AAA Math
Starfall (For younger students)
Glencoe Literature (This link goes to the activities that accompany the 6th grade Glencoe reading curriculum)
Space Time Arcade (A variety of game-based math activities)

A coordinate system for organizing educational technologies: