History of Microchip

A micro chip is an integrated circuit with a set of interconnected electronic components such as transistors and resistors that are etched or imprinted on a tiny chip of semiconducting materials such as silicon or germanium.

The idea of the construction of the integrated circuit is credited to Geoffrey W.A. Dummer. Although his attempt to construct an active microchip intially failed, Dummer is still recognized as one of the founding fathers of the invention. In 1958, an Texas Instrument employee Jack Kilby invented the integrated circuit "wherein all the components of the electric circuit were completely integrated." His invention was successful. Robert Noyce also invented a version of Kilby's, using silicon are used today, making the microchip more reliable. Both men are credited for being the co-inventors of the microchip.

Uses of the Microchip
The microchip is used in several new technologies such as:
- computers
- cell phones
- home appliances
- pet locator devices
- health detectors
- automobiles

Microchips and Education
Although this topic was not a strategy, it is important when implementing technology. I believe students should be aware of the uses of the microchip so they know how influential the microchip is when discussing the advances of technology.